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It's Official!

I participated in my very first My Creative Mess vendor event on Saturday, September 24, 2016. The Papercrafting Roadshow in Wyoming, MI.

I met some amazing people and I'm so thankful for my Scrapbooking Bestie Marilyn Thomas who attended the show with me. She was not only the positive reinforcement I needed, but helped me promote, sell, setup and tear down my booth. I’m so grateful to her.

My Booth display for The Papercrafting Roadshow.

I was amazed at the information, tips, and tricks other vendors shared with me.

It was a great experience that I LOVED! I was in work mode when I arrived but, once the doors opened and my new scrapbook friends visited my booth the fun began! I am a talker and I love to have fun and most of my customers were just like me! My hubby tried to prepare me in case my sales didn’t go as planned, but to my AMAZEMENT my sales far exceeded my expectations, I am still in a fog! This was the encouragement I needed to help me focus and keep moving forward.

My customers had positive words of encouragement and it really meant and means the world to me. Now I have to get back to scrapping, so I can start looking for and planning my next Vendor Event, I think I’m addicted now!

It was a learning experience, and I am now thinking of ways I can improve my booth and make my event experience even more successful.

I would love to hear from some of my new friends... LOL

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